Stop Cyberbullying | Think Twice

Audience Age: Grades 9 – 12

Think Twice is a two person play, featuring 17 year old Mel, and a mysterious character named Nelson, who confronts Mel about the choices she has made during her high school career. Mel doesn’t have many friends and is the target of bullying, but when a transfer student moves to her town, they bond quickly. However, over time, Mel is influenced by this new friendship and starts making choices that lead to cyber-bullying and tormenting another student. The news of the student being in possible danger due to continuous threats and bullying leads Mel to finally come to terms with herself; to be honest, and face the legal and moral consequences of bullying. “Think Twice” encourages students to examine the choices they make in everyday life and online, and to think before doing something they could regret for the rest of their lives.

Written by Cliff Odle and produced by Deana’s Educational Theater

Think Twice Video Clips

An Interactive Performance

The program lasts approximately 1 hour which includes:

  • The Performance

  • The Post Show Discussion

  • Teaching Materials

Learning Points

  • Identify cyber-bullying and types of bullying associated with it

  • Understand the lasting implications of what is posted online (reputation, school, career ,etc)

  • Identify the consequences of sending explicit material on computers and mobile devices

  • Develop empathy/identification for victims

  • Learn how to report abuse and access local & school resources

  • Understand the legal consequences of cyber-bullying for the instigator, bystanders and victims

  • Discuss the important position of bystanders and how their actions can positively or negatively affect the situation

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