Stop Dating Violence | Remote Control

Audience Age: Grades 7 – 12

College & Military Version Available

Remote Control is focused on dating violence. It is a highly interactive, theatre based presentation that explores issues associated with dating violence and bystander intervention using scenarios very familiar to young people. Remote Control explores the relationship between two characters, Josh and Amy, who are dating and their male friend Darryl, who introduced them and becomes an involved bystander. Using an imagined “remote control” device, the narrator stops, rewinds and replays various scenarios while the actors incorporate the audience’s observations and suggestions into the action of the play. Remote Control encourages bystander intervention and highlights how young men can help to prevent abuse.

Remote Control Video Clips

An Interactive Performance

The program lasts approximately 1 hour which includes:

  • The Performance

  • The Post Show Discussion

  • Teaching Materials

Learning Points

  • Warning signs of abusive relationships

  • Understand the prevalence of dating violence

  • Why victims stay in relationships

  • How to be an active bystander

  • Techniques for safely ending abusive relationships

  • Support services locally and nationally

High School

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College & Military

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