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Limited Production Rights Available

Limited Production Rights | Deana's Educational Theater image

By purchasing one or more of our scripts, you will have Limited Production Rights to produce and perform our plays in your area. You will be able to hire and train your own actors and deal with venue owners, schools, colleges, churches, community centers and military bases that want to help spread the word to help stop bullying, cyber bullying, dating violence and domestic violence.

Criteria Required For LPR

– Organizations Must Be Located Outside of The State Of Massachusetts
– Organizations Must Produce Over 20 Performances A Year
– There is an initial upfront fee to acquire the LPR

Script Writing Services With Your Message

Script Writing Services | Deana's Educational Theater

If you have a different message that you would like to spread but lack the time or ability to create your own script, we can help you. We now offer script writing services. We write your play using the message that you want to spread and you get to focus on producing and acquiring sponsors and venues.