Deana’s Educational Theater

Here at Deana’s Educational Theater we work diligently with all of our sponsors to make sure that they have a great experience when booking a show with us. For 20 years we have been growing our repertoire of educational theater programs so that we address all the current social issues that educators, concerned parents and communities face everyday.

“Deana’s Educational Theater delivers a powerful message of violence prevention to students from all backgrounds. I highly recommend these programs to anyone who wants to make a difference.”

Det. Lt. James Pierce
Winchester MA Police Dept.

“The use of Deana’s Educational Theater has been a part of the Fort Sill Family Advocacy’s Child Safety Education Program over the past two years. Over 5,000 military affiliated students have been impacted by Deana’s Educational Theater’ s dating violence and bullying prevention programs.”

David Carnaham
Army Community Service, Fort Sill Army Base
Fort Sill OK

“I’ve worked with Deana’s Educational Theater for the past five years. The plays are incredibly effective, and the fact that my own students perform and teach younger students has made this a powerful learning tool for young children and teens in the Cambridge Schools. I highly recommend Deana’s Educational Theater to any school.”

Eileen Taxe Levine STARS Advisor
Cambridge Rindge & Latin High School
Cambridge MA

“Teachers and students developed a common language, and we saw an increase in disclosures after the bully prevention plays and teacher training. We witnessed incredibly powerful effects that lasted throughout the year.”

Ilyse Frische
Manchester Memorial School
Manchester MA

“New Hope for Women, the Domestic Violence Resource Center serving
Waldo, Knox, Lincoln, and Sagadahoc Counties in Maine, has partnered
with Deana’s Educational Theater for 11+ years. In addition to being
well prepared, the actors are adept at capturing the imagination of the
audience and engaging students in important discussions after the
performances. Our schools have been eager to welcome this
collaboration into their auditoriums year after year because they
recognize the need for relevant messaging on bullying and dating
violence – Deana’s Educational Theater delivers that time and time
again. New Hope for Women looks forward to continue working with DET
to bring more performances to Maine in the future.”

Lisa Couture
Youth Educator
New Hope for Women

All Starz

All Starz is an interactive, three character play dealing with issues of bullying and respect. Students witness first hand the verbal, non-verbal and physical behavior that reflects episodes of real-life bullying in their school and community. They observe positive role modeling when the characters work together to come to an awareness about respecting all people. The interactive post-show discussion features the three actors who help reinforce the educational points in the play with the students through theater games and role-plays.

“Deana’s Educational Theater performances and classroom workshops have helped us to be more aware of what our students are experiencing. As a result, I’m more direct in asking children to come to us and let us know when they’re having trouble with a situation. We’re all communicating more effectively about bullying behaviors in and around our school.”

Janis Rennie Principal
Great Oaks Elementary School
Danvers MA

“Our students found it informative and enjoyable and the actors were very talented and professional. The after show discussion brought it all together for us.”

Danielle Bailey
Social Worker
Clinton MA

Doin’ The Right Thing

Doin’ The Right Thing is an engaging and important program that encourages students to take a stand against bullying in their schools & communities. Students witness the verbal, non-verbal and physical behavior that reflects episodes of real-life bullying and harassment in their school and community. They observe positive role modeling when the main character decides to take a stand and do the right thing.

“Deana’s Educational Theater was extremely helpful in assisting the New Bedford Police in implementing a Bullying Prevention Program. I would strongly recommend Doin’ the Right Thing! to any organization. The trainings for police officers, teachers and parents were helpful and professionally done.”

Lt. J. Cordeiro
New Bedford Police Department

“Each performance was geared to the eye of the students. The teachers were very impressed with all of it. They gave a great 7th grade performance. We plan on having them back next year!”

Nancy Spaulding
Bourne, MA

“Doin the Right Thing! is the best thing that has ever happened at our school since I’ve been here.”

Leila Jackson, Lewis School
Boston MA

Remote Control

Remote Control is focused on dating violence. It is a highly interactive, theater based presentation that explores issues associated with dating violence and bystander intervention using scenarios very familiar to young people. Remote Control explores the relationship between two characters, Josh and Amy, who are dating and their male friend Darryl, who introduced them and becomes an involved bystander. Using an imagined “remote control” device, the narrator stops, rewinds and replays various scenarios while the actors incorporate the audience’s observations and suggestions into the action of the play. Remote Control encourages bystander intervention and highlights how young men can help to prevent abuse.

“The play itself was rich and complex, but very comprehensible at the same time–and very engaging. Thank you to all of the performers and everyone at Deana’s Educational Theater for creating an excellent educational event on a topic that is so important for teens.”

Kristen La Mont
Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School
Waltham MA

“We need to get across messages that dating violence is about power and control – your play did that very effectively! …I would recommend Deana’s Educational Theater to any domestic violence project in the country.”

Ben Zeman – Community Educator
Women’s Protective Services
Framingham MA

“The performance was excellent…The performance is what opened the door to our students thinking carefully before finding themselves in hurtful or dangerous relationships.”

Lyman Goding – Principal
Plymouth Middle School
Plymouth MA

“We have had “Remote Control” for our 8th grade for many years and the
production and discussion have always been well received by the
students, faculty and community. It is a valuable learning experience
for our students.”

Joseph Quinton – Guidance Counselor
Athol Royalston Middle School

The Yellow Dress

The Yellow Dress is a dramatic one-woman play based on the stories of young women who were victims of dating violence. The carefully constructed program stimulates thought-provoking discussion about relationships; a topic important to every young person’s life, especially now with dating violence becoming a serious social issue throughout our school systems. Audiences are and will be clearly moved by the story of a young woman who warmly tells us of her relationship that begins as young love, full of passion and promise — and ends in tragedy.

“I would like to thank you for such a great performance that you gave us. You made me think of a lot of things. I was in an abusive relationship and it was real hard for me to get out. I was alone. I didn’t tell my mom because I didn’t want to worry her… he smacked me like twice but a lot more times he threw things and would say, ‘You’re lucky you’re a girl.’ I thought he was gonna change but he didn’t. I had to get out of it myself. I thank God I’m still alive.”

North High School
Worcester, MA

“The Yellow Dress is a classic. It’s important that every student experiences this intense, educational program that enhances their understanding about relationships and prepares them for life. I’ve seen it many times and am still deeply moved – and I see its effect on my students each year. We show it to all freshmen every year.”

Nancy Spaulding
Bourne, MA

“…truly outstanding…a compelling portrait of the reasons we must address relationship violence in a comprehensive approach.”

Leila Jackson, Lewis School
Boston MA

“I first saw The Yellow Dress at a Presbytery meeting, and was so moved that I wrote a grant proposal to bring the production to the Phillipsburg area in the hopes of reaching folks in a somewhat low socioeconomic area with this important message. We had 95 people in our sanctuary the night of the event, mostly teens. You could hear a pin drop! It was just as powerful for me the second time as it was the first. I have heard feedback from some other groups that the performance led to good discussions.”

Barbara Smith
Pilgrim Presbyterian Church
Phillipsburg NJ

I wanted to thank you for all your help in our bringing the Yellow Dress to our College.  We had about 175 in attendance (which is great for this campus!). Your actress was WONDERFUL!!!  I have seen this performance before and she really captured the essence of it.  The President of the college was in attendance and was very impressed with the actresses ability to engage the students in the Q & A portion.  I have heard so much great feedback since the show ended and a number of students that have disclosed their own situation.

Massasoit Community College

My daughter and I were at the performance of The Yellow Dress today and found it to be extremely moving, touching and heartbreaking beautiful.  Both of us, having been in these types of relationship were reduced to tears from the heartfelt performance.  Considering the importance of the topic, to see your actress present with grace and elegance truly touched our souls.

Mother & Daughter Audience Members
Brockton MA

“Each year, our school schedules the Yellow Dress performance for our
Junior class. We believe the delivery of a sensitive but imperative
topic has greatly benefited our students. The interactive program
captures the interest of students, who spend time discussing what they
think, asking questions and giving feedback. The methods Deana’s
Educational Theater use to deliver their message and promote kindness,
and their discussion of the role of a bystander, are reasons I
recommend this organization to other professionals in educational
settings. The value of the program is priceless.”

Kerri Murphy – Adviser
Oliver Ames S.A.D.D. Chapter

“The Yellow Dress showed made a huge impact on my classmates. I feel it
started the dialogue on teenage dating violence with many of the
students. A few weeks later one student told me how moved she was by
the show and thanked me for bringing the program to our school. Dating
violence is a huge problem in high schools and I hope to bring the
show to more of our county high schools.”

Carolina Cassedy
Class of 2018 Robinson High School


“This is the second year we have performed the Yellow Dress for our
sophomore students. Denise is outstanding, not only as the actress
performing the Yellow Dress, but here ability to engage the audience
and faciltialte a discussion on such a highly charged and sensitive
topic. Students leave with new perspectives and tangible tools for
helping someone in a unhealthy relationship or themselves!”

Kimberly Zemo, LCSW
District Safe School Climate Coordinator