Stop Cyberbullying | The Lesson

Audience Age: Grades 8 – 12

The Lesson explores the relationships of three students who are forced to deal with the effects of cyber-bullying. Dakota, Vic, and Leigh Ann all used to be friends. But when Leigh Ann and Vic start dating, Leigh Ann learns that Dakota used to send Vic pictures of herself (“sext” messages), throwing Leigh Ann into a whirlwind of jealousy. She retaliates with a series of cyber-bullying attacks through Facebook, private messages, and continued verbal threats in person. Dakota and Vic are forced to reevaluate their friendships. This show encourages students to examine the choices they make online, as well as the difficult consequences they must confront in person as a result.

Written by Cliff Odle and produced by Deana’s Educational Theater

The Lesson Video Clips

An Interactive Performance

The program lasts approximately 1 hour which includes:

  • The Performance

  • The Post Show Discussion

  • Teaching Materials

Learning Points

  • Understand the lasting implications of what is posted online (reputation, school, career ,etc)

  • Identify the consequences of sending explicit material on computers and mobile devices

  • Identify cyber-bullying and types of bullying associated with it

  • Understand the legal consequences of cyber-bullying for the instigator, bystanders and victims

  • Discuss the important position of bystanders and how their actions can positively or negatively affect the situation

  • Develop empathy/identification for victims

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