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The Lesson

SUBJECT: Cyberbullying | Sexting | Digital Footprint

Audience Age: Grades 8 – 12
Audience Size: Max 300

The Lesson follows the lives of three students forced to deal with the effects of cyberbullying and unhealthy relationships. The audience will watch a series of cyberbullying attacks using multiple social channels. This show encourages students to examine the choices they make online and educates students on the consequences of cyber bulling.

This show is a must see as our kids learn to live in a digital world.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify what cyber bullying is
  • Comprehend the lasting implications of what is posted online – your digital footprint – (reputation, career, school…)
  • Understand that there can be legal consequences of cyber bullying for instigators and bystanders
  • Develop empathy/identification with victim
  • Types of bullying/relationship abuse
  • Importance of trust and respect


  • Curriculum for teachers
  • Information to share with parents about play and lessons