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The Yellow Dress

SUBJECT: Dating Violence

Audience Age: Grades 11 – 12 + College
Audience Size: Max 300

The Yellow Dress is the centerpiece of our relationship violence prevention program. This remarkable one-woman-show follows an abusive relationship full of passion, deceit, and tragedy. Actor/Facilitators engage audience members on warning signs, prevention techniques, and bystander intervention. (College and Military Versions Also Available)

Tip: We recommend not showing this play at the end of a day, on a Friday or before a school break. It is impactful and we want kids to be able to talk to guidance counselors if it triggers anything or brings on any epiphanies about their own lives or relationships.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Recognize the early signs of dating violence
  • Learn about the abuse cycle
  • Understand why victims stay in relationships
  • Techniques for safely ending abusive relationships
  • Learn what you should and shouldn’t do as a bystander
  • Understanding that staying in an abusive relationship can be fatal


  • Information for parents so they are informed as well
  • Resources like websites and apps