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No, the yellow dress is a compilation of stories of victims of dating violence.  However, the play itself was created as a way to educate audiences on the issues of dating violence to help prevent what happened to Deana’ from happening to anyone else.

The issues, attitudes, and language used in all of our plays have been carefully researched and all of our programs are created with the assistance of young people, artists, and experts in the fields of violence prevention and education.  This allows us to gauge whether students can relate easily to the characters and stories depicted.

No, we have other programs addressing the issues of bullying, cyberbullying and sexual assault.

We have shows for students in kindergarten through college.  We even perform for the military and adults.  Each of our programs are geared towards the social issues that the audience are faced with. Please refer to each individual show PDF.

In order to maintain the integrity of our programs, the recommend audience size is 300 or less.  The program content is very powerful and it evokes a lot of emotions.  The discussion after the play is highly interactive and requires the participation of the audience.  We find that if the audience is any larger, it interferes with the effectiveness of the discussion.

When booking a program we ask that you allot for an hour of time.   All of our programs consist of a performance, which runs approximately 20- 30 minutes and a discussion after with the actors that is approximately 20-30 minutes allowing enough time for Q &A.

Most of our shows require minimal preparation.  We do however require one to three lavalier microphones and folding chairs.  The Yellow Dress requires a sound system and someone to assist with lighting and music.

The purpose of our educational theater programs is to create audience investment on the issues first through a “right-brain” emotional experience that generates personal recognition and reflection. The program then focuses on “left-brain” information and awareness training by asking probing questions about educational points artfully embedded in the plays.

Our programs educate audiences about the reality of violence and they invoke the very powerful emotions that arise in these types of situation. Students are empowered to take a stand, make a change in their school and community.  Based on the feedback we receive we know that our programs have both an immediate impact and long term impact on our audience.

Prices vary depending on the number of actors on the show, the location of the show and how many performances are being done.  We are happy to provide you with a price quote to bring our performances to your community.

Currently we accept check or credit card payments.

DET is located in Wakefield, MA, however we travel all over the world performing our programs.

DET is a non-profit organization 501 3 c.

Our Tax ID Number is: 04-3240550.